Thursday, July 2, 2009

Heartbeat II

Silvia Bächli. I follow and love the work of this Swiss artist since a long time. The reduction, the partition of a white sheet of paper with lines, clear and at the same time full of live and emotion is impressing – even more when the single drawings and paintings interact, laying arranged on a table or hanging on a wall. Poetry.

Silvia Bächli officially represents Switzerland at the 53rd International Art Biennale in Venice.


holly aka golly said...

I see why you like this work -both the simplicity and sophistication of the washes and lines. I've always wanted to go to the biennale! Venice is such an amazing city!

Iris Schwarz / Paulette Edition said...

Oh yes Holly – Venice is a fairy tale! I've been to this amazing place, but never to the biennale. Maybe next year...

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