Sunday, October 11, 2009

SEVEN | Joaquin

SEVEN is a weekly edition. There is every Sunday a new edition of 7. You can get this print now in my shop for $ 7 for seven days.


caramela said...

Oh I love them all- You say so much with so little-can't you come over for coffee? I would love to see all of your work?Is Vancouver too far? YAIKS!

Iris Schwarz / Paulette Edition said...

Oh Annamaria - too sweet! You're not really round the corner, but believe me I would love to come!

didiermaurice said...

an admirer of these portraits: may i drink coffee to?
greetings, Belgium :)

Iris Schwarz / Paulette Edition said...

Thank you Didier - cappuccino or espresso?

didiermaurice said...

drawing and coffee goes together. For me a 'barista espresso', cheers!

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